SURVEYOR is comprised of Robert Schiller and Ken Greenwald. Between the two of them they do it all. From the writing, recording, to engineering. Robert and Ken met in 1987 and started writing and recording their own music. After many attempts with other people in the band, they decided to do it on their own. The first album, SIGNALS, was released in 1997.




Robert Schiller
Keyboards, Vocals, Midi Programming

Started playing piano at 6 years old. Trained in classical, rock, musicals, big band, and jazz. At 17, stopped taking formal lessons and did self teaching. Played in high school bands and various other bar bands. Went to University of Miami and majored in computer sciences. Continued playing music at Miaimi. Transferred to NYU after 2 years and studied film making. Joined father's business in 1983, took it over in 1990. Continues that business and a computer business today, also designed this web page..


Ken Greenwald
Guitar & Vocals

30 years experience playing guitar, bass & keyboards. Formed numerous bands gigging covers in New York area. Set up midi recording studio and created original compositions in collaboration with local musicians. Attended State Univ. of New York. Studied computer programming, graphic arts & song writing. Currently working as graphic artist & production manager in the financial industry, as well as writing musical compositions with SURVEYOR.